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Places To Find Help In A School Environment - 

1. Talk with a person you trust and feel comfortable around. People like a parent, doctor, teacher, coach, or friend can help you find the best and most appropriate place for getting help or a professional that you feel comfortable with.

2. Visit the school counselor or counseling center. Most middle and high schools have counselors, well most colleges have a counseling center(s). Talking with a counselor can not only relieve pressure if it is a school-related issue, but it can also provide more in-depth support.

3. Go to a health clinic. By talking to any doctor, they can help you find the most effective way to help you.

Places To Find Help In Your Community -

1. Look off-campus. If your school doesn't have a consular or you don't feel comfortable seeking in-school help, google “mental health services in [your city’s name]” for alternative options. For more localized information, look up your state in the SAMHSA (Mental Health Services Locator) database or check out the Find a Proservice from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance to help you find mental health resources recommended by fellow peers.

2. Look for and join support groups. Sharing and hearing from other people going through similar problems can really help. Support groups are often available through your school, at local hospitals, community centers, or churches/temples.

3. Get in touch with an MHA (Mental Health America) or NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health). These groups can provide the help you with specific information on the mental health resources that are available in your community. Find your local Mental Health America or National Alliance on Mental Illness affiliate by looking on their websites.

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